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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Disappointed in the weather and sewing bits

Where is the beast from the east?  Had been expecting some super cold weather and so far nowt.  OK it was -7degC this morning when I was driving to work but no snow to go along with it.  There is something inside me that just loves the inconvenience of struggling to work through a blin' drift as we say in Aberdeen.  I read now that we're going to get high winds and loads of rain.  Drat and double drat.  I really object to rain.  Not that my objections will have any impact whatsoever but hey ho.

Nearly finished cross stitching Mirabilia's Fairy Moon.  I had thought to give it to my MIL when it was finished, perhaps as part of her Christmas present but I just wasn't sure.  Couldn't make up my mind at all.  Worst thing ever would be if you gave something like that to someone and they didn't really like it that much and it was never seen again.  I would be frightened to count up the hours that I've stitched into it.  OK, I do it when I wouldn't be doing anything else, like when I can't be bothered dragging out the sewing machine, but still.  My Mum was round Sat night for a coffee and I had mentioned I was thinking of giving it to MIL and she called me on Sunday and begged me to give it to her for her Christmas instead!  I'm quite chuffed as I had thought cross stitch wasn't really Mum's bag at all.

This weekend though, I promise ye sewing Gods, I will finish Z's dressing gown.  Ridiculous Mother that I am, she is floating around in super short ones all for the want of a hem on the sleeves, buttons and a tie-er.  I must also get the three pairs of PJ's sewn up that I have sitting around.

I am working myself  up to cutting out a pinafore in my most beautiful, cherished two meters of Michael Miller Elvia Toffee fabric.  I had some - used it - wanted more - bought the knit - used it - wanted more and then looked and looked for what felt like forever then I found it on ebay and paid well over the odds.  But what is the point in keeping it in my stash just to look at when I could see Z wearing it and looking cute as a button.  So that's being planned too.

Lastly I'm going to gather up all the loose photos we have sitting around the house and mod podge them onto our ancient coffee table.  Both kids have used it as a painting table, an eating table, a gluing table and it even held a huge aquarium at one point with a tarantula in it with associated heatpad which left the table a bit warped.  But until Z is old enough to know that furniture should be pristine and not covered in pritt stick we're sticking with the oldie.  Can't wait for that.

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